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    Journalist               DJ              Entrepreneur   

A good story takes you on a journey like no other. The scene, the characters all cohesively concocted to peak your curiosity. And I'm here for all of it! 

Telling a good story is something that came naturally to me. As the youngest of eight kids I've always enjoyed a good story. That passion for story telling has introduced me to some interesting people... all with their own story.  I enjoy telling unforgettable stories in hopes of affecting positive changes in people.  I am an enthusiastic, skilled reporter who loves digging for creative news stories. My story telling style is a fusion of purposeful stand-ups, concise writing and solid live shots.

  After a decade of chasing "the big story" everyday as a local News Reporter, I left the Badger State for sunny California. Yep, I traded in my parka for a bikini. I'm livin' my best life and building up my skills for my "Second Act" as a Corporate DJ.  

I'm still telling stories... sometimes with celebrities and now I've launched my own production company Cocoa Hollywood Media to help other storytellers.  Same character... new scene with even more stories to tell so...  Stay tuned!


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