2019 Emmy Awards

As an Entertainment Reporter Awards Shows can be hit or miss so I prefer to cover the red carpet. Nationally syndicated shows like Entertainment Tonight, and Extra will play clips of the actual awards show for the next 100 years but the red carpet is different. It’s an opportunity to see celebrities in candid moments— reminding all of us that despite having supernatural talent— they are still human.

It’s not easy for growing independent media outlets like Cocoa Hollywood to get press credentials or media access at high profile events like the Emmys. We’re not big enough… YET. Fortunately living in LA we can get access to celebrities in a variety of ways including as seatfillers. Awards Shows, Talk Shows, and live TV sitcom tapings often use seat fillers or paid background actors to fill up their audience and add enthusiasm to the crowd. These are some of the many opportunities in Los Angeles to interact with your favorite celebrities. Most of these opportunities are free, all you have to do is apply. I applied to attend the Emmys and sit in the bleachers rather than the awards ceremony. I’m so glad I did. I had a chance to interact with some of my favorite celebrities including my celebrity crush Nick Cannon. I’ve had a crush on him since I heard him say in an interview he spoke his existence his relationship with Mariah Carey. Even though their marriage didn’t work out, it made me see him as a more than just an actor.

The bleachers provided a birds eye view of the celebrities as they’re making their way to their seats. Some are nice and wave to the crowd of fans, others scurry by without acknowledging the fans screaming their name. Nick Cannon was great. I yelled out “Can I get a selfie” and when he finished his interview he came over shook hands and used my phone to take pictures with his fans. Here’s a link to the pics and video from the red carpet.


I was more shocked that someone on his team must have taken a picture of him taking that selfie with me because Nick posted it on his page. He posted it and said “caption this.” The comments had me dying laughing. Many called attention to my boobs and the funniest by far was the comment saying ”Nick come take a picture with the twins.” BEST birthday gift EVER!!!