DJ Margo: Traveling DJ

This weekend was a BLAST! It was a weekend of many firsts in my DJ Career. I had the pleasure of DJing a Graduation Party in Cincinnati, OH.

My good friend Robyn to DJ her sister Jen's Graduation Party.

This is the first time I've ever been flown out for a gig! I was honored they thought of me. Even though I've known their whole family for years they had never seen me DJ.

I know they come from a religious background so I started the evening with a bit of Gospel and Smooth Jazz during dinner. Jen had a number of special people she wanted to honor at the dinner party including her parents. She asked her mom to sing, and her mom was surprised I had an instrumental track for her. Her father also gave some words of encouragement. During the dancing portion I pulled out an instrumental for Jen and her dad to rap Nelly's E.I. and the crowed LOVED it.

Overall I think they were impressed with my level of preparedness (I brought my own wireless mics) and the music selections. They were also happy I made announcements like "make sure you come up and sign Jen's card" and don't forget to check out the photo booth.

The party was a huge success but I think I got fired at the end of the night when Jen's son Aiden decided it was time for him to take over DJing, lol.