May The 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day!

This play on words is the rally cry for nerds wanting to celebrate the movie franchise. While it may be a fan created unofficial holiday, the State of California is validating the love fest and actually declared today Star Wars Day. I'm sure this year's celebration will be a bit somber since the actor who played Chewbacca recently passed away. He was always one of my favorite characters.

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I love going to the movies and I admit, I'm a Nerd! Yep, I was the kid living in the heart of the hood getting bullied for my excellent grammar, super thick glasses and backpack full of books. My nickname in high school was "white girl" and they called my BFF "Kelly Bundy."  I typically excelled in science classes and of course I was on the honor roll. My brother had stacks of comic books that I'd sneak and read when he wasn't looking. Reading for pleasure wasn't considered cool so bragging about how fast I can read wasn't going to get me anything but an a** whoppin. Fortunately loving hip hop helped this nerd move through the hood relatively undetected. It took me YEARS to admit I'm a nerd. Being different usually means you're going to get bullied, and it was RELENTLESSLY. 

I was reminded of my "Nerdom" last weekend when Avengers: Endgame was released. One of my Facebook friends posted "Nerds been waiting for this one." Actually I have been waiting for this movie and I'm disappointed I didn't get my ticket in advance--- I know, I know I'm slippin'.

Only, now do I realize how cool I really was in high school. Being called weird and/or being misunderstood is a badge of honor for a unique individual. That's a person who knows who they are and regardless of someone else's opinion they stay true to their unconventional ways. I enjoy being so smart and creative it intimidates other people. To my fellow nerds, don't worry about the backlash you're getting for loving books or how you'd rather spend time in a mythical world rather than real life. Our time is now, Nerds Rule!