Museum Visit: Natural History Museum

Like most kids I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs. Seeing the skeletons of these now extinct enormous creatures who once walked the earth is mesmerizing. I especially love talking to the docents at the museum. They’re filled with a wealth of knowledge. Everything from where these remains were found to the painstakingly intricate process of recovering these ancient relics. (Full disclosure: I was a Student Docent at the Milwaukee Art Museum).

This time I decided to check out the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. When I visited they had an awesome exhibit detailing how Los Angeles was formed, and how it became such a diverse city. As a non native Angelino it was informative and it also put into perspective how certain neighborhoods formed.

I can’t lie though, my favorite part of any museum is the children’s section. I love being able to interact with the exhibits and get my creative juices flowing. I had a lot of fun playing with the antlers and horns from different animals. Who knew they were that heavy!

I even posted my Crayola masterpiece on the wall alongside the other budding explorers.

The museum is a GREAT place to get some free inspiration while nurturing your imagination.