Museum Visit: The Getty

Yep I’m kinda of a nerd and I love going to the museum. So when I can’t get away I enjoy going to the museum to get a dose of culture.

When my mom came to LA in 2018 I took her to the Getty Villa. The architecture and the gardens were beautifully maintained. The views of the ocean were spectacular.

This time I decided to check out the Getty Museum. Admission is free for both, but you have to pay to park. By comparison the Villa is much smaller and focuses on greek and roman art. The Museum is massive.

I had a chance to check out the Gordon Parks Photography Exhibit. It details his trips to Brazil in the 60s and 70s covering Flavio de Silva and his family for Life Magazine. Parks was a very influential Black American photographer and his coverage of Flavio was so well received readers donated money to bring the Brazilian boy to the US for medical treatments.

After seeing the impact Parks’ work had on the life of Flavio, his family and Life Magazine Readers, I was inspired to keep my blog more up to date. You never know who you’re inspiring.