#SheDidThat: The Steve Harvey Show

It finally aired! I had the pleasure of going on the Steve Harvey Show to play a game. My mom was visiting LA so I took her to several TV show tapings.

We were rushing to get to Universal Studios--- we had left a taping of The Real in Burbank and had very little time to grab some food.

As we were waiting in line to go into the studio a producer approached me. They asked me if I had ever been on the show and if I had seen any of the games they play on the show. After talking with the producer I whispered to my mom, the only reason they might pick me is because I told them I'm from Wisconsin. Well I was right!. Just before we walked in I was told I got picked for a game, but they didn't say which one. They took me in the back, redid my make up and clipped a mic on me. After that my mom and I headed to our seats.

I was TOTALLY nervous. Not because I was going on TV, but because my mom was there. Attending this taping was one of the highlights of her visit. SPOILER ALERT: I WON!